Car Air Freshener

The fresh promotion for car and office


Air freshener for the car or the computer

Stick the car air freshener in the car, on your computer or in the office and it will diffuse a high quality perfume. Turn the globes of the perfume dispenser and the perfume will be diffused. It is the perfect promotional gift for in the car, in the office ,or at home.

The logo, associated with the fresh perfume of the plugin airfreshener will be seen several times a day. The car air freshener can be delivered with many different perfumes. And the company logo printed on the front part will make an excellent advertising. It’s an efficient business gift and promotional item.

The clipball, the car air freshener

The Clipball fits firmly and easily in the aeration grid of the car. The logo printed on the front part will be seen each time your client drives his car. Turning the globes will allow him to regulate the perfume diffuser. The Clipball associates fresh perfumed air with the logo.

The Stickball for the Pc screen

The Stickball with it’s self adhesive backside sticks to any smooth and dry surface like the computer screen, in the kitchen or bathroom. The Stickball shows your company logo in places where other promotional items can’t. Many different perfumes available ; Tropical, Strawberry, Vanilla etc.

The clipball

On this plug in air freshener the logo can be printed in full colour under the dome or in one or two colours directly on the plastic globe. Up from 2500 pieces you can choose the colour of the air freshener clipball. Several perfumes are available. a part from the standards we can propose for example Chocolate, coffee or ocean perfumes.
  • 1. With its universal clip the air freshener sticks into most of the aeration grids.
  • 2. Turn the two globes of the clipball and the perfume will be diffused.
  • 3. The logo can be printed full colour under the resine dome.

The stickball

The stickball is a good room or office air freshener. Stuck to the computer screen it diffuses for example the perfume around in the working area. It’s self adhesive backside allows this perfumeball to stick to any smooth surface. This perfume dispenser is an original and efficient promotional item for the office or the kitchen.
  • 1. Logo in full colour under the resine dome.
  • 2. Self adhesif backside.

The football

This freshball is excellent for colour combinations. the football on the backside can be made out of two colours and you can add other colours with the rings. This car air freshener hangs with an elastic from the mirror and will advertise your logo in the car. Print can be done in one or two colours on the front globe.
  • 1. Rings to regulate the airstream.
  • 2. Football shape on backside
  • 3. Logo pad printed on front globe.

The ringball

Alike the clipball the ringball sticks in the aerationgrid of the car. This aromatic air freshener can be printed up to two colours on the frontglobe. Colour combinations can be obtained with the rings and backside of this air freshener.
  • 1. Clip for the aeration grid
  • 2. Rings to regulate the air.
  • 3. Logo padprinted on the frontglobe.



Size: 40mm
Imprint area: 23mm to show your logo
Doming: Full color imprint possible
Material: plastic for a better resistance
Colors: red, white, blue, yellow and so on
Perfume: vanilla, strawberry, etc just let us know what you like


Box size: 430 x 290 x 210 mm
Pieces per box: 500 pieces / box
Weight per box: 6,5 kg
Packaging: Delivered with a retractable sealing


Artwork: We only accept EPS or A.I images
Fonts: If specific font is needed, please send it with your artwork


Production time: 3 / 4 weeks *rush delivery is possible

Freshball for retails

Freshballs can be sold succesfully in many different places :

  • Tank stations
  • Retail outlets
  • Fanclub shops
  • souvenir shops
  • etc…

Standard designs

We can propose standard designs to be printed on the freshballs or we can customise them for you with a logo, design or text.
Also full colour images can be printed, this is excellent for souvenir and fanclub shops..

Retail packaging

We can propose different standard retail packagings or study with you a special retail formula. Mostly retal packagings contains more than one freshball.

Retail prices

For prices please contact our sales departement.


Unit price HT*1€250€940€770€650€60
Shipping and imprint charges65€
French standard shipping cost25€36€46€53€65€

* Add 20% for French V.A.T

Sample request and policy for freshball

For established customers samples are either no charge or memo billed.

For non established customers samples are billed. We’ll be happy to supply samples of any of our specialty advertising & promotional products which interest you. Cost, including shipping, handling and taxes (and duties if applicable) is payable before sample order is processed. Should you decide to place an order the cost of the sample will be deducted from the cost of the order. If you do not decide to place the order, the sample will be considered to be purchased and no refund will be issued.

Samples under 10 euros are non returnable. Samples over 10 euros in cost may be returned up to 25 days after initial shipping of those samples however a factory return authorization is required.

If you do not hold an account with us (if you have not done business with us before) then samples must be prepaid before dispatch. Please be aware that all samples are charged at their minimum quantity price and carriage will be extra. If a sample is returned on time (where applicable) the only charge is carriage. If a sample is not returned on time (where applicable), the client involved shall be invoiced for the product. Returned samples must be in an unmarked condition.
Samples can be customized to suit a client’s needs, colours or logos, but this will invariably be incur customization charges at the manufacturer’s own rate and discretion.

If you have any further enquiries, please CONTACT US

Success stories

Fanclub shop and the clipball

A succesfull football club in Belgium, KV MECHELEN sells the Freshballs with their club logo in the fanshop. The supporters of the club customise their car interior with the Clipball and buy a new one each three months

Car rental company and the ringball

AVIS, placed a freshball in each hired car. apart from brand awareness the car air freshener perfumed the car for the new user. Many clients even took the Ringball with them after returning the car.

Freshballs in souvenir shops

In Corsica a chain of souvenir shop sells succesfully the Freshballs with the emblem of Corsica. Tourists are happy to keep a souvenir of their holidays in their car.

Freshballs as give away for Hotels

A german chain of hotels BEST & WESTERN, gave a freshball with the Hotels logo to each leaving guest. As the freshball stays for weeks in his car, the client gets used to the brand and will, while traveling, recognise the brand along the road.

About Horizonsources

The factory of Horizon Sources SL is based in Spain Barcelona 15 minutes from the international airport.
Our 15 year-old experience in the manufacturing and distribution of Imprinted promotional products strengthens our ability to present you really original new products.
Our products are sold world wide through a strong and reliable network of profesionnal distributors.

Horizon group

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